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7 things to lookout for, if you’re a Fresher in Law School

The monsoons have arrived and so have the fresher’s in the law school. Every other student goes through a roller coaster ride for admissions into colleges, immediately after their Board Exams. With all the chaos, the excitement of this new part of your life tends to fades away. You enter a law school with lots of hopes and aspirations, some expectant, some scared but mostly excited. So, here we are introducing you to your future in law school and how it is going to be like.

  1. Ice-breaking sessions with seniors

Some law schools are chilled out while others are not when it comes to junior-senior interaction. First few days of your college are mostly about orientation programs. The seniors organize various activities that they participate in, along with the juniors. It helps you develop a cordial relationship with each other, through which you eventually survive your college years.

All the lines above are “Please read the offer document before investing” of the time you are going to invest in law School. Since ragging is prohibited by law, seniors always come up with means to interact with you in ways you will not forget in your life! Please note, it is nothing negative. It’s just a kick start to let you know that school days are gone.

So, if you get a call to gather at 0000 hours in the common hall, please revise all the dance steps you have performed till date !

ADVICE: Always keep a rapport with your immediate seniors. They are the ones who will get you through projects, optionals and moots. Maintain a ‘Hi-Hello’ with your seniors’ immediate senior. They are the ones who will help you in case of your seniors messing up!

And lastly and most importantly, keep the final years the closest. They are the ones who will actually tell you ‘How not to screw up’ and just in case you already did, ‘How to save your ***’. Your internships and sometimes even job is sorted once they have your back!

YUP ! That’s how it is.

  • Moot Courts, Debates and other Clubs

Mooting and debating are extremely useful skills if you want to be a lawyer. While a lot of students know of moot courts even before joining the college, others have not even heard of it. Participating in moot court boosts your confidence and also helps you connect with the profession in the best manner.  

Try and gather as much practical experience as you can, it will definitely pay you off in some manner. Being a part of various society and clubs teaches you responsibility, leadership, organization and it looks good on your CV if you end up as an office bearer, so never miss a chance on that.

A little stardom is never a bad thing!

Find out about the popular moots here, http://www.moot.in/, http://nludelhi.ac.in/, http://gnlu.ac.in/, http://www.nlujodhpur.ac.in/index-main.php. Visit popular moot bulletins on a regular basis to know about the upcoming competitions.


  • Conferences, Seminars and Publications

If you are a well aware student in college, you will come across multiple chances to attend conferences and seminars at national and international level. Stay in touch with the academic websites that publish such events and programs. Make the years in your college count. It also increases the worth of your CV.

You can also take your research games to a different level by writing research papers. Many colleges invite application for research paper and also offer to publish them. These may act like a baby step towards your shining career.

Plus, a college sponsored trip is the best one ever. You get to go places and see how the students at other places are. These are the opportunities to make friends across law schools and network. Once you have passed out and go on jobs, these companions make world a better place.

  • Extra-curricular activities and youth fests

If you find that no society or club interests you right off the bat, that’s alright because a law school will still shower you with plenty of opportunities. Play a sport, teach underprivileged kids, go for arbitration and mediations competitions, and be a part of the band or the dance troupe. The opportunities are endless so seize the day especially in your first year when you have lots of free time.

Fest is the happiest and the most exciting time of the year. You will genuinely look forward to every bit of it. There are multiple events and contests to test your caliber. Lots of colleges also allow you to put up stalls, so if you are a fan of cooking and want everyone to taste your exquisite cuisine, well then, go ahead and make your mark. Live performances of actors and musical bands are other attractions.

Apart from what I wrote in the most humble and nice words, trust me, I want to SCREAM- NEVER EVEN MISS ON A FEST! They are exciting as hell. I would write no more. JUST GO. Flaunt all what you have got and you will know it yourself.


  • Internships

Yet another crucial and compulsory part of the law school curriculum is internships. Most of the law schools require you to do a month long internships and sometimes twice a year. Internships are the best way to learn the practical aspects of the subjects. It is diverse and extends from Libraries, NGOs, Governmental Departments and organizations, lawyer chambers, corporate offices, Banks, Publishing Houses, Law firms and startups.

Never ever fake an internship certificate. Go for it. Feel the rush of knowing things much before you have even started off. Experience, how it feels like to be in the legal position to help someone. Increase your contacts and networks.

You can directly apply for popular firms like Khaitan and Co., Jyoti Sagar Associates, Trilegal here – https://www.khaitanco.com/careers.aspx, http://www.jsalaw.com/intership-signup/, http://www.trilegal.com/index.php/careers/. Apply at Luthra & Luthra Law firm by emailing your CV at kchester@luthra.com

You also have chances to apply at Law commission of India. Just fill in the application and send it either by post/courier or by hand at the Office of the Law Commission (14th Floor, Hindustan Times House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001). You can find the application here http://lawcommissionofindia.nic.in/internship.htm

Send your CV’s to abhijnan@incourt.in or info@incourt.in to bag an internship opportunity at Incourt.

  • Online Library and legal databases (SCC, Manupatra and Lexis Nexis)

The advent of the internet and increasing accessibility to data has best worked for students. The legal data bases available on these websites are comprehensively written and edited by leading professionals and scholars. They are trusted worldwide for their authority and research tools. Become members to these sites and you will have access to excellent references for your moot preparations and research papers. The versatile research tools can be a bit tricky but you can learn them any day.

Take membership of Manupatra, SCC Online and Lexis Nexis at http://www.manupatra.co.in/#, http://www.scconline.com/Default.aspx, https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/home.page and get an access to their exhaustive legal database. They are extremely helpful for your projects and moot preparations.


  • Academic tours

As law students you will get ample chances to travel the world for your official assignments, internships, moot courts and fests. What better than getting to visit a new place that also adds a star to your CV. You can co-author a research paper with your friends or plan to attend a conference collectively. After you are done with your presentation, you can indulge into your passion of exploring new places and food. It’ll be a complete win-win situation for you.

So, if you are in any way worried about what may happen in the coming years, get all pumped up and excited because your college life is going to be one unforgettable journey.

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