In the name of Lohiya!

After RMNLU students started protesting over the alleged sexual harassment of girls at the hand of administrative authorities, alumni of the law school have also joined in. It has come to light that such acts are not new and have continued for a very long time now. Almost every batch has stated the same facts. Here is a short account of another alumnus of batch 2014, sharing a few stories of her time and extending all required support to the students back in campus. 

It is first time ever that such a massive protest has been launched by the students of my alma mater Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University and no doubt the cause deserves it. Being an alumnus of the university, not only do I feel proud but I also feel sorry and sad.

Sorry that we laughed it off when we got to know of the first instance that took place. Sorry for not having walked in the VC’s chamber when my friend first complained of such a thing. I think you deserve an apology. Sorry for not having stood up against all the character assassinations that took place and all the stares that were given at us. We are sorry that we let this continue for so long that so many of our juniors had to suffer. We failed you.

It is sad that such thing as sexual harassment took place at a place which not only taught us law and equality but withholds in itself the great ideals of Lohiya. It is sad that the students had to come down on the roads to be heard. But moving ahead from the state of sorry and sadness, I am proud that finally they have been exposed. I believe that the culprit will meet the right end. Not only that we extend our complete support to you and your cause but also confess that all these ridiculous things happened to us.

Who sends letter to parents for approving the extension of time to stay out in the campus or to come back to campus by 9:30 pm.

And trust me, the letter, it was threatening. It almost said to our parents that,

students protesting outside main gate.

‘Dude! Your daughter wants to remain outside the campus. We really have no idea what shady business she has to carry on. We want to tell you that it is ‘absolutely’ not safe outside and ‘definitely’ something will happen to her and ‘obviously’ we will not take responsibility. So make sure you don’t allow her!’

I want to yell and tell the university administration that the campuses as big as 2400 acres manage to remain open for 24 hours and you cannot manage two buildings within 40 acres? This is serious kidding. The moral policing which constantly prompted into your ears all the lessons of being a good, upright girl and why you should not be going out or monitor the way you carry yourself. And last but not the least, the room where you had to get your mark sheets from. I wanted to print a T-shirt for myself saying,

 ‘My eyes are right below my forehead and not the neck.’

Perverts that the people in question are, I would say it needs serious courage to continue with such cheap acts in the law school. Mr. must have got some serious nerves who thought he would just get away. Capturing photos and blackmailing the students over it ? Really !  

I have always been in love with my law school. It made me a stronger person. I spent my half a decade in there and never ever felt less empowered. All the colleges have their share of thrill, fights, stories and scandals but after 5 years when you look back it all comes back as memories we can laugh and smile at. 

Our university does not deserve such men and maybe that’s why it has the students it deserves. While I write this I feel as if I am back in time. If only I could. But yes we are right next to you in your cause with all the possible support we can extend.




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