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Doctors save lives. But what happens when they are subject to dangers. Here is an experience of a young doctor who shares her story. How much she thanks law and recommends it to people. ! More power to you Girl !  

Medical school was a dream come true for me. Everything seemed to be bright and beautiful around. The proud parents,friends and extended family added to the joy of being selected in a prestigious medical college.
If you ever ask a medical student or a doctor about one of the best moments in their life, ‘the White Coat Ceremony’ shall stand on top. However, is the white coat as spotless as it seems?


Is the White Coat as spotless as it seems?

The highly prestigious profession, sadly, is also not untouched by the ghastly and venomous thoughts. The acts of certain professionals tend to malign even something as holy as medicine.

It was during my last year in college. I was completing my compulsory rotatory internship, serving in Department of Cardiology when I came across the ugly side of being a doctor or rather a trainee lady doctor ! Needless to mention- Yes, it makes things worse if you are a woman.
On the first day of my CCU posting at around 8 a.m., a mid-aged professor of mine, entered the ward and asked us to present the cases. Everything else was a routine, except when he, instead of discussing the patients started discussing about my last name and if I had a boyfriend!

After five years of Medical school I was certain that at least my relationship status had nothing to do with any of the medical conditions of the body.


He, on the same day, later in the evening, while i stood in the company of a few friends of mine asked me if i was interested to attend a cardiology seminar. Seminar was a high profile event which was being conducted in a Multi star hotel. He precisely mentioned of the room he had booked and said, “We will have to use the swimming pool in the morning,after the eventful night.”
I was shocked to my nerves. A man who was supposed to be my teacher and was supposed to be a respectable mentor, was making sexual advances towards me.
This sadly was the beginning of misadventures. Later on while i was on a night duty in CCU, he tried taking advantage of his position and sat close to me saying that he could “teach me things i do not know of”.


He sat close to me saying that he could teach me things I do not know of.

It sent a chill down my spine. I was away from home, a regular student, I had no idea what recourse to take. I came from a protective family. I had hardly ever dealt of any problem alone. Not knowing what to do, I waited for my time to end in the department.

My nightmare turned true when on the very next day I saw a notice stating that I will have to continue in the Cardiology Department for another week (a training which I already completed to its full term) , undersigned by him.

I was scared. But then I had a friend who luckily was not a doctor but a Lawyer. I narrated that complete story to her. I nearly cried because it was turing worse day by day. It was that day I actually started to feel what law of the land is. I knew that no matter how bad or faulty we think our laws are, they still can protect us.

I cried, as she pinned the long list of simple remedies I had. It made me feel powerful. I felt a rush. It was that day, I understood all my civics lessons from Class 7 in their true spirit. I knew, I could stand up tall and say, ‘Hey man! Whatever you may think you are, Just Back off !’.

Whatever I was facing was Harassment. It was a crime and I had the law given to me by my nation to protect myself.
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2012 provides protection against sexual harassment of women at workplace and for the prevention and redressal of complaints of sexual harassment. I went ahead and file a complaint with the Head of Department of Cardiology and Medicine, stating that I will take legal actions if they do not remove “Dr. Pervert” from the hospital immediately. I stood tall and asked him to sign and provide me with the receiving of the complained. He gazaed at me. Full of proud and happiness. I had set a benchmark. I did a small favour to myself. I used a power which was with me since I was born but was reluctant to use. LAW !  
To my amazement the hospital management acted in no time and this devil of a man was asked to leave. I would have never known how law works beyond courts to help us everyday, to live a life we all dream of, full of peace and order.

I am a Doctor. I save lives. And I know there are people who have a life but are not able to live. Take small steps. Know the laws. The basics. Try. Have faith. You will feel safe. If not, you will know what needs to be worked on. That my friends will be a much sincere thing to do rather than simply complaining while doing nothing.


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