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We, The People Of India and Padmavat of Jayasi

When the world SECULAR was added to the Indian Constitution or even before that, when our Constitution was formulated and brought into existence, India was aimed to be a nation where all the religions have equal respect. Religion was to have nothing to do with Politics. We gave to ourselves a CONSTITUTION which would govern us. But,, as a society, we seem to have forgotten it lately. We were supposed to become more tolerant and adapt to more humanitarian approach towards our countrymen. 

We as the world’s largest democracy have to be tolerant towards other people’s faiths and beliefs. We are supposed to develop scientific temper and ensure that the nation marches ahead on the road of development. Are we really going that way? NO. 

There are a lot of changes needed to be brought about. We rant about it all the time. Yes, the execution has to be better but the first change that must be brought is the change within ourselves. WE THE PEOPLE have to realize it before anyone else does. There is nothing difficult that we have to do. Just a small stroll and take a look at what is happening across the country.

  1. ‘Love Jihad’ – Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is defined as an activity under which young Muslim men and boys target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love. The origin of the word is unknown but attributed to the far-right groups. There is no official evidence supporting these claim

Disclaimer: I definitely do not deny the existence of anything like this. However, I do not favor the infringement of any free citizen’s right to live her life and make her choices. 

The recent Kerala Love Jihad Case is posing a very serious question in front of our Country as a whole.

Kerala HC annulled the marriage of Shafin Jahan and 24-year-old Hadiya (Akhila) in May this year, after her father alleged she had unlawfully been indoctrinated into Islam and held captive by her husband.

High Court gave the custody of the girl to the father. The decision was challenged by the girl’s husband, Jahan in the Supreme Court. The investigation was handed over to NIA under the supervision of retired Supreme Court judge.

NIA in its report told the apex court that there was a pattern of indoctrination in 89 such cases in Kerala and that it had found a systematic apparatus engaged in targeting and radicalising youth for jihad. It was also reported that there was a pattern emerging from the conversion of several young Hindu girls to Islam and how several persons had played a common role in convincing these girls to change their faith.

The Court, however, keeping the faith of the country alive ruled that it was the consent of the girl who is an adult which is paramount.


  1. Padmavati Row: Why are we women so downtrodden even after so many relentless efforts? Take a look at the video:


#TTP #PadmavatiStreetWarWhy are royal families opposed to @FilmPadmavati? India Today brings the real story of Rani Padmavati. Live:

Publié par India Today sur jeudi 16 novembre 2017


The fact to be noticed is that Padmavati is said to be a fictionAwadhised by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in Hindustani Language of Awadhi and originally in Persian. The poem was meant to be appreciated. It was adopted by a renowned director who worked hard to turn it into a movie. Now, in our free country, this is not possible. WHY? Because few of the brave Rajputs think that their Rani Padmavati has been degraded. Public property is destroyed in this name. People were hanged and threats were issued to behead the actress playing the part.

I am waiting for them to actually file a case against the Sufi poet !


  1. The most important and eye opener instance for all of us as a society.


When we were busy running in our races we forgot that there is a country we live and a society which is determined by the contribution we make. A society which forms its opinion only on the basis of what we say.

Congratulations! The so-called educated class and the successful class. This is what you have earned. A country and a home where you have absolutely no idea about WHAT IS GOING ON ! and why? Because you think it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Let me explain. Let me try to walk you down to a point where you make relate to why all of it is of your business. All the good for nothing people, who have nothing better to do with their lives engage themselves in creating a propaganda over every single, silly, useless thing they find. This, in turn, is sometimes instituted or later funded by the political parties. Reason: They do not think they are capable of dealing with the problems we are going to face in the near future and hence try to pull the people into the past. Instead of pitching the fact: “ WHY ARE WE BETTER TO BE CHOSE?” what they concentrate on is: “ WE ARE BETTER BECAUSE THE OTHER ONE IS BAD”.

However, all this is not a big problem. Problem is that WE, who actually should speak chose not to. It’s time we become WELL READ at least about our own history. If there is anyone who has to have an idea of where our country is going, that is us. 

It is because we fear the indulgence, we remain neutral. I would end the note with the lines of the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, who was very apt in writing: 

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”


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